Officina Digitale Musei
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JUNE 29, 30 & 1st JULY


Middle-digital earth: Museums between digital and emergency. Data, stories and impact

Museum institutions are seismographs particularly sensitive to changes in communities and relationships that define their identity through their relationship with cultural heritage. The global emergency of the COVID-19 pandemic has abruptly severed the contact between the public and the collections, highlighting the fragility of the heritage, of the management, prevention and protection systems, if the link with its users is broken.

That COVID-19 was and is a new emergency that has put in danger not the cultural heritage in its material component, but has imposed a new everyday life, new comparisons and relationships with the public and professionals. An emergency that has touched almost all the museums in the world that with different times and methods have been forced to close to visitors, suspending all activities in attendance. The contact with the public has only been remote, for this reason the online initiatives of museums have increased, the presence on social networks and real digital workshops have been activated to design content, experiment and plan new medium and long term strategies. 


1st JULY


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